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Temple Heights Spiritual Camp

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The Booster List is comprised of those who made a special contribution to Temple Height Spiritual Camp. We rely on the help of our friends and are grateful for the many diverse ways they help our camp.


Booster List Summer Program 2003

Betty and Glenn Simpson, Michael Houseman, Faustina Chamberlaine, Joyce Egge, Elizabeth Ann Council, Penelope Empie, Lois and Bill Croes, Debra Gainer, Laura Lee Perkins, Candy Pendergast, Ken Green, Victoria Huelsman, Rev. Gloria Nye, Rev. Ann Otzelberger, April Sheerin,

 Pat and Earl Wallace, Rev. Stephen Hermann, Gary Mascher, Elsie Feathersong, Dan Duffy, Ralph Rountree, Nancy Strickland, Sandra Knight, Sandy Matheison, Rev. Thom Kearns, Carol Gasber, Janice Nelson,

Delores Dorr, Andrew and Ellen Eddy, Carolyn and Mason Kingsbury, Dr. Julia Jackson, Martie Hughes, Michelle Wiedenbein, Lydia Egan, Rev. Jeannie Kerr Lerch, Rev. Margaret Tracy

F. Merlon Cole, Pam Strickland, Ernie Van Den Bossche, Bonnie Gibson, Carol Fricke, Diane Kimball, Jeanne Bower and Family, Jennifer and Mike McFarland, Laurie and Tarik Sivonen, 

Graham Connelly and Sue, Capt. John Tremblay, Rev. Nancy M. Parry, Bertha Hopper, Starr Barry, Vaikko Allen, Heather McPhee, Wayne Collins Madelaine Coombs, Aloha and Tom Foley, Muriel and Charles Stone Jr., Frances Jones, Jeff Jones, Mike Mayo


If we missed your name, Thanks; and thanks to everyone who helped in any way.




Links Page The Chapel The Lodge The Deck The Beacon front page

Temple Heights Spiritual Camp