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Temple Heights Spiritual Camp

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Participation by the churches that surround us will create the climax of the turn around that has taken place over the last few years.  It is our goal to have a church outing booked every weekend to utilize the wonderful facilities and the beautiful coastal location we are blessed with and to fulfill our purpose of serving Spiritualism.

We are sending out invitations to over forty churches throughout New England, surrounding states and Quebec. If we have missed your church please forgive us, we meant to invite you. Write to us. Please encourage your church leaders and other members to have a fun summer outing at the shore. This opportunity is not just a vacation but will be a spiritual memory for each of you to remember for the rest of time. An outing like this can bind your church members together with an unforgettable experience of joy and sharing.

Temple Heights Camp is scheduling some of the finest mediums available from throughout the U.S. and Canada. Not only do we offer mediumship, but also our classes are very professional with many of the teachers being NSTs (NSAC National Spiritualist Teachers). Every Saturday we have a Healing Circle, which includes a guest speaker, often a certified healer, and a chance for all to give out and to receive. A typical weekend would start with check-in on Friday, 7:00PM Church Service. Saturday morning class is from 9:30 to noon (check the schedule as some weekends the times are different as per special classes and events). Healing Circle starts at 3:00 and runs for about one and a half-hour. In the evening we have Message Circles, where a medium sets with up to fifteen people for clairvoyance. Usually two to four mediums are available to chose from, with circles taking place in various rooms of the lodge and chapel.

Sunday Church Services are at 2:30PM. Private readings are available Monday through Friday 9AM-4PM, Saturday and Sunday mornings 9-noon. For any who wish to stay longer we have a Monday night class for spiritual development and Wednesday Message Circle, as well as Church Services Tuesday and Thursday, all at 7:30PM.

For those who like to take a walk, we are located at a lovely cove on the Penobscott Bay overlooking the island of Islesboro. Our property includes a small point, which at one time had a wharf for the Steamboat, which brought the Spiritualist from away, there is stony beach in both directions from the point. We are also working on a nature trail through the woods along the cliff behind the lodge. There are also many beautiful coastal spots you can reach by car.

Our lodge has ten guestrooms and all guests have kitchen privileges, and use of all facilities. We have a gift shop for memorabilia, a small library for your use and a very friendly staff of volunteers who keep the camp in a flux of spiritual harmony.

We look forward to your church group booking a weekend with us, please hurry, first come first serve on the weekend dates. Let us know how many rooms you’ll need. Our visiting medium schedule is listed here but please remember it is always subject to change due to circumstances beyond our control.




Links Page The Chapel The Lodge The Deck The Beacon front page

Temple Heights Spiritual Camp